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MOSS Walls

Green noise regulation

Do you want a unique piece of art, which at the same time is 100% natural, does not require maintenance and is noise-reducing? Then a moss wall could be a solution for you. It can be made with any design or logo you want with four different types of moss in 17 different colors.

Why choose a moss wall?

The moss we use for our moss walls is handpicked in European forests and cultivated in a sustainable manner and with full respect of nature. This means that our moss walls are 100% natural and very authentic. When you choose a moss wall, you do not only get a beautiful and unique work of art, it is at the same time both water- and sound absorbing. If the humidity falls below 35-40% in a room, the moss will harden. If humidity rises again, it will regain its soft and natural structure. This makes it a good indicator of a healthy indoor climate.

Our moss walls work well in both small and large rooms, where you can immediately hear a difference in noise levels. A moss wall from Natural Greenwalls does not require any maintenance, water, clipping or sunlight. It is, of course, not in any way toxic or attracts insects.

Can be installed anywhere

Sound absorbing

No maintenance

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Where to hang a moss wall?

A moss wall is very light, and therefore it can easily be mounted on almost any surface. For example, we have installed moss walls on ceilings, which also is possible because our moss walls do not require any light.

Moss walls can also function as a division of office environments, to shield workstations or as decoration behind a desk.

Our moss walls can be made in 17 different colors and in all sizes and shapes. Therefore a moss wall is a very flexible and a unique work of art.

What are moss walls made of?

Our moss walls are from the Belgian company GreenMood, who have developed a revolutionary concept for moss walls. A moss wall typically consists of one of our four different types of moss or wild plants, all handpicked with respect for nature. In addition, we also produce frames for the moss walls on request, as well as helping with designsuggestions and more.

The four moss types are:

Reindeer moss




Available in 17 different colors. An extremly soft and flexible moss type, which makes it easy to create the design you want. It grows on the northern European forests and is handpicked by local producers with respect of nature and the environment. Does not discolor with time.

Ball Moss




We usually use Ball Moss if the customer wants a design with texture and a 3D effect. To this the Ball Moss is unique and very beautiful. This moss type is available in green. Ball Moss is grown sustainbly in French forests, where it is hand picked. We treat Ball Moss using natural glycerin and food colors.

Provence Moss




Provence moss is the best moss type for sound absorption (CARE CEDIA). It is handpicked in french forests on acidic soil under softwood trees. It is only available in the color green. For preservation we use natural and handmade products that are also used in the food industry.

Flat moss




Flat moss can be used as a background for green walls, to a moss frame or to decoration purposes. Flat moss is also handpicked in french forest and in the best quality. It fits perfectly with an architectural landscape design.

Wild plants




These wild plants and flowers are from South American countries, and they give an authentic sense of a plant wall. It also provides a beautiful, wild and exotic atmosphere in a unique way. No watering or maintenance is required.

How safe is a moss wall?

We have made thorough tests of all our moss walls. They are tested according to the current European classification system: NEN 13501-1 B. The result shows that the moss walls can not be ignited.

Sound absorbing capabilities

In collaboration with Care-Cedia at the University of Liége in Belgium, the manufacturer behind our moss, GreenMood, has tested the moss‘ performance in terms of sound absorption.

Low noise reflection is a necessity in public spaces and especially in offices where a quiet room can be key to concentration and productivity. Therefore, we deliver complete reports to the architects with which we work together to reach their goal of sound absorption.

The test was conducted in accordance with ISO 11654: 1997 (laboratory-based sound absorption coefficient measurements using 10m. for each moss). You can see how they performed in the gallery:

mosvæg, mosvægge, natural greenwalls
Ball Moss

mosvæg, mosvægge, natural greenwalls
Provence Moss

mosvæg, mosvægge, natural greenwalls
Reindeer moss

mosvæg, mosvægge, natural greenwalls
Flat moss

Below you can see some of the moss walls we have installed. Please feel free to contact us, if you also want a moss solution.

Want to know more about moss walls? Please feel free to contact us

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