Arkaden Street Food in Odense

Arkaden Street Food is a popular street food market in the third largest city of Denmark, Odense. They actually went bankrupt, but a new owner decided to reopen the place – and made a different focus in the interior design.

Arkaden Street Food must be made for Instagram! That means green beautiful solutions – and that’s why they contacted us.

With moss walls of reindeer moss and plant columns in the attic, you are now surrounded by greenery – and there are plenty of great photos on Instagram under #arkadenstreetfood

Arkaden Street Food consists of 12 food stalls and 2 bars – but new food stalls are still being opened. There is something for everyone whether you want vegetarian, take-away, social-dining or something else.

There are currently 84 different dishes, 33 different drinks, 450 seats and approximately 1500 guests – each day, who enjoy the new green décor with moss walls and plant columns.

You can see the full range of food here:


Arkaden Street Food in Odense

Vores ydelser

Rådgivning, installation samt drift og vedligehold

Arkaden in Odense

Street Food that makes an impression

Surrounded by nature and lots of instagram-friendliness. That’s what Arkaden Street Food in Odense has become – and with great success. The pictures speak their own clear language and the customers are also happy.

On Instagram, it also looks like there’s the Arcade going. Under #ArkadenStreetFood you can see lots of happy guests using the moss walls as a backdrop for their photos.

The plant columns give the feeling of being surrounded by nature as they hang over the eaters, and at the same time provide an impressive green experience as you enter the door. If you sit on the first floor and look out over Arkaden, you also get the impression of being part of nature.

Arkaden Street Food is an experience worth visiting.