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Swedish success with Natural Greenwalls:

“It’s easy and simple”

Hässelby Blommor has more than 100 years of experience with plants and green solutions. Recently they decided to use our Natural Greenwalls products, and it’s been a great success so far. “It’s much easier and simpler than what we are used to,” says Magnus Lindberg, Head of Garden from Hässelby Blommor.

An interview with Head of Garden at Hässelby Blommor in Sweden, Magnus Lingberg. He is responsible for installing Natural Greenwalls for clients, and he is our main contact.

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Hässelby Blommor

Why did you choose Natural Greenwalls?

Magnus Lindberg: “In short Natural Greenwalls is easy, simple and sustainable”

“We tried it many years ago, when we were at a meeting in Denmark with other business partners, but we had our own system back then which we preferred at the time. But we visited Denmark again a few years ago, and we gave Natural Greenwalls a second look, and now we have stopped selling our own system and are using Natural Greenwalls instead.”

“Natural Greenwalls is very easy to build and install, and it is very easy to customize for certain walls. Especially for small walls and walls were only manual watering is possible, does Natural Greenwalls have a big advantage, because it doesn’t need a water tank or water pump.”

“Another way that Natural Greenwalls is easy is that the pots are perfect for the plants. Every pot is easy to click in and take out again, and the green walls system is easy to maintain in general. Before installing the green wall, we can also make most of the work from home: Planting plants into pots, making the backwall and so on, and that is very time efficient for us.”

“Our customers also love it because it is very easy for them as well. The customer doesn’t need a plumber and stuff like that to install water or drain, so the costs of installing a green wall is lower for the customer.”

“Lastly we also make sure to tell our customers, that Natural Greenwalls is made from recyclable material and has low water consumption, and that it is a sustainable solution.”

“So there’s a lot of reason why we use Natural Greenwalls, but the word “easy” pretty much sums it up.”

Example of a plant wall solution

How is it to be a dealer of Natural Greenwalls?

Magnus Lindberg: “Again I would say easy. Team Natural Greenwalls, especially René Lund and Leif Overgaard Larsen, are very helpful. They have giving me a thorough guide and training in the system, and they helped us on our first project, which was a big green wall in Stockholm.”

“They still help us actually. Sometimes they help with calculating projects, and they also make the frames, bottom trays and water tanks for us. That’s a really big help, because I need extra hands right now. So Natural Greenwalls is very helpful and kind.”


Magnus Lindberg, Head of Garden at Hässelby Blommor