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Green wall at CinemaxX: "Our cinema must have the best"

The ultimate in sound, pictures and seats – you can find it at CinemaxX cinema in Copenhagen. But the unique experiences do not only belong to the cinema halls. Therefore, they contacted Natural Greenwalls to provide customers with more experiences of the highest quality

At the CinemaxX cinema in Copenhagen, the seats, the sound and the picture are just a bit better than elsewhere. Here, there is a clear focus on everything being of the highest quality – even when you find the toilets where you will see Natural Greenwall’s green walls.

Green wall on CinemaxX‘ restroom – why?

You go to the cinema to watch movies and when you leave the cinema, it’s the movie you remember. However, that’s not how it  should be at CinemaxX in Copenhagen, so they are doing something extraordinary – whether it’s with the sound or in the restrooms. Guang Tang, Cinema Manager at CinemaxX Copenhagen, says:

„We are already upgrading our cinema with the best sound, image and seats. That’s why it was just natural to think something nice in when renovating our toilets. Green walls were thought to be a part of the project from the start as they contribute with something organic and also add to the atmosphere. Many people do not associate toilets with it, and it is therefore a positive surprise when you go in. The fact that you meet a green living wall in a room adds something very special. „

See video of our green wall at CinemaxX here:

CinemaxX puts quality at the top

When the decision was made to acquire a green wall, the choice fell rapidly on Natural Greenwalls. According to Guang Tang, it was an easy decision:

„It was a mix of several things: price vs. quality, start-up investment vs. maintenance and general response time and installation time. At Natural Greenwalls we get top quality and minimal water consumption while guidance, response time and customer service were very good compared to the other players we contacted. With Natural Greenwalls we had no big challenges. They customized the walls to our physical conditions and any questions and challenges were quickly clarified. “

The feedback is very good

CinemaxX has no doubt that they have made the right decision with a Natural Greenwalls green wall:

„We are very pleased with the result. In general, we have also received very good feedback on the renovation of our toilets, from both staff and guests, where the green wall plays a major role, „says Guang Tang

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