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In a busy day, it may be necessary to take a break, relax and close everything else out. At NOVASOL, three plant walls help with it – two of them mobile, so they can help create a quiet moment

When the days are fully booked and the head is full, it may be necessary to find a quiet corner and take a break. At NOVASOL they have provided space for this with lounge areas. In these areas you will find two mobile plant walls and a beautiful plant wall in the canteen. The employees have taken this very positively, says Lone Kempel Schultz, who is Executive Assistant at NOVASOL:

„We are incredibly happy with the plant walls, and we have received plenty of positive response from the employees.“

Green walls create privacy at NOVASOL

In order to create lounge areas with the possibility of privacy, NOVASOL wanted mobile solutions that could shield an area or employee if needed. The choice fell on two mobile green walls from Natural Greenwalls, and the desired result has been achieved;

“Our canteen is a great gathering point for breakfast and lunch. But people go out there at all times of the day to relax or take a break. They use our lounge area, where the mobile plant walls help create a little privacy. In addition, the mobile plant walls also give something beautiful to look at, some cosiness and some environment. They are really great out there, ”says Lone Kempel Schulz

NOVASOL was challenged with dark rooms

NOVASOL had a great desire for not only two mobile plant walls, but also a green wall to decorate their canteen. The green wall, however, should be in the dark end of the canteen, and it posed some challenges. Fortunately, however, Natural Greenwalls had a solution.

“The two mobile plant walls are living well, because they get plenty of light. We have had some challenges with the green wall because it is located in a dark end of the room. However, we have found a really good solution for this, where we with the right lighting spot on the green wall, now really can see that something happens to the plants. They grow large and beautiful, and we are very happy with the solution, ”says Lone Kempel Schultz

Plant service ensure healthy plants

The routine plant service is taken care of by Jydsk Planteservice. They make sure that the plants thrive so that the green wall always appears beautiful and green, says Lone Kempel Schultz:

“We have had a really good dialogue with Jydsk Planteservice about which plants live best under the conditions, so that it is still beautiful, and we are super happy about it. We have a good ongoing dialogue, and it is nice to only have to contact one. ”

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