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When you enter Aarhus Municipality’s new offices you will encounter a 30 meter high wall of plants. The result is nothing short of breathtaking. It is Denmark’s highest green wall, and it is Natural Greenwalls that is behind it.

More than 1,000 employees at Aarhus Municipality needed new offices. It should not be just any construction, it should be something very special. Total contractor A. Enggaard got the job and in collaboration with Niras A / S and Arkitema Architects they stand behind the amazing building OPS Gellerup Nord. It covers over 35,500 sqm. and have had a budget of 675 million Danish kroner. Together they devised a fantastic building in which they included a 30 meter tall and four meter wide green wall from Natural Greenwalls – a plant wall that would turn out to be Denmark’s tallest green wall.

At Natural Greenwalls, we are enormously proud that they chose our system, but we are also extremely proud of the result and of the attention the green wall has received. It has both been on TV and on the building industry’s own media, Building Supply.

Denmark’s highest green wall is from Natural Greenwalls

At Natural Greenwalls, director René Lund is very proud that it is  his system that has been chosen for the project:

“Our main focuses with our system are being 100% sustainable, having a minimum water consumption, being without problems for the rest of the construction and of course 100% safe and waterproof. Therefore, we are proud that it is our system that they use for Denmark’s highest green wall, and we see it as a great cadeau for our system. The result is really good and we are very satisfied. ”

The green wall has several functions

Besides being beautiful, the green wall also has other functions in the house, says René Lund:

“Such a large house as OPS Gellerup Nord will undoubtedly have challenges with both humidity, indoor climate and noise. Here are the green wall one of the solutions to the problems. Plants are natural air purifiers, they increase the humidity and the type of plant we have chosen has a large leaf filling, which makes it significantly reduce the noise. ”

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